Scabies in Dogs

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Scabies often attacks dogs, cats and rabbits. In puppy or in adult dogs, scabies is usually caused by. Most of these types of mites are found in the dog’s body and if it is not treated immediately, this mite will make the disease prolonged even deadly for the dogs. This mite is rapidly transmitted to dogs around it even it is not through direct contact. This type of mite can hardly be seen with eye, however, the mite infestation groups can be seen around infected areas. Scabies can also be caused by bite marks of ticks that are common in dogs. The mites’ saliva makes the Scabies prolonged, even though the mite no longer exists. Mites’ saliva makes the dog feels incredibly itchy, so the dog fiercely biting the surface of their skin and pulls the fur out to get rid of the itchiness. This action makes the surface of the dogs’ skin become injured by its own ​​bite marks. If it is not treated well, it will make the wound widen and become an ulcer.


  1. The dogs scratch continuously.
  2. Th group of the mites can be seen in the infected skin areas.
  3. Hair loss on the skin surface.
  4. Crust in several places on skin surface.
  5. If the dog is bathed and its’ skin is brushed, the reddish color on the skin will be disappeared, but after a day, the reddish color returns to the surface of the skin.

Give the drop of benzoic acid in the reddish part in the skin surface. Do it repeatedly or every day until the reddish crust peeling and dead mites raised together with the flaking skin. Give an anti-allergic medication so that the dog does not scratch too much to make the wound on the surface of the skin. If it is too severe, give IVERMECTIN.0.2 ml / 10 kg body weight injection.
Ivermectine cannot be given to Collie Dogs. Give cefat antibiotics 25 mg / kg bbody weight for healing the wounds that occur due to bacterial infections. To bathe the dog, use a shampoo containing ketoconasol mixed with Hidrocortison shampoo Source :


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