Animal Red Cross Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital

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Animal Red Cross is one of the new programs from Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital which functions to build a network of prospective donor animals that will be used for blood transfusion for animals in need. Blood transfusion is one of the supportive therapies in patients who experience severe anemia and transfusion itself can optimize the work of the drug in animals in need. The new program is based on the implementation of blood transfusion research conducted from March to October 2018. Until now there have been 14 prospective donors of dogs and 7 prospective donors of cats, but there are still possibilities for clients who want to register their pets to become prospective donor animal. Besides being able to help other animals in need of blood,transfusion its is beneficial for donor animals because it helps stimulate the formation of new blood and the health conditions of donor animals can always be maintained and will be supervised by professional veterinarians.


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