1. Small Animal Unit, for inspection of small animals, such as dogs, cats, including exotic animals, poultry, and others;
  2. Surgery and Radiology Unit, serving minor and major surgical operations;
  3. Mobile Veterinary Clinics Unit, for the service of small animals that need health service assistance, including picking up patients;
  4. Midwifery Unit;
  5. Laboratory Unit;
  6. Clinical Pharmacy Unit and Pet Shop;
  7. Clinical Epidemology Unit;
  8. Emergency Care Installation (IRD);
  9. Inpatient Installation (IRI);
  10. Grooming room for healthy bathing, with complete facilities, including cold and warm water facilities;
  11. Vaccination Room, which is separate from the sick animal area;
  12. There are various modern diagnostic support tools such as EKG, USG, X-Ray, etc .;
  13. Seminar Room / Theater Room “Elisa Nugroho”;
  14. Registration rooms and waiting rooms are comfortable and convenient, the parking lot is spacious and safe;
  15. Supported by professional practitioners and paramedics.
The Building
Registration Office
Examination Room
Surgery Room
Inpatient Room
Catheterization Room