History of Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital

The establishment of Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital started from the decision of the Senate of FVM UGM No 20 / SFKH / IX /2006 on September 7, 2006. Based on this decision, the dean submitted to the Rector than the Rector’s Decree No. 328 / P / SK / HT / 2006 was issued regarding the establishment and appointment of managers Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital. Since the decree was issued, development the Animal Hospital team began working to carry out the mandate to prepare the Animal Hospital building.

While the Animal Hospital building is in the development process, the operational implementation of the Animal Hospital is submitted to the Department of Internal Medicine and Department of Surgery and Radiology, until the time comes when new Animal Hospital building, facilities and infrastructure are available that are separate from the department. On April 30, 2008, the dean issued Decree No.1372 / J.01.1.22 / HK3 / 2008 regarding the appointment of the renovation team for the Sekip Unit II building (old campus of FVM UGM) to become Animal Hospital. On April 9, 2009 the soft opening of Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital and continued the grand opening on August 5, 2009. With the operation of Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM already has facilities for learning Veterinary Professional Education students as required for medical college accreditation.

In line with the times, on November 15 2015, Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital occupies a new building prepared by UGM. With the building designed for hospital activities, on 28 December 2017, Prof.Soeparwi Animal Hospital has officially obtained a Veterinary Medical Services. Service Permit No. 526/6164 issued by the Agriculture Service, Food and Fisheries, Sleman Regency.